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For adults

Our escape rooms with sophisticated puzzles and riddles will intrigue people of any age and any level of knowledge. Attention to detail and teamwork will be more important than your degree or secondary education.

For all the family

Family is a team and only by combining your efforts, knowledge and playing together you will be able to solve any puzzles and win. By the way, children tend to cope with our tasks better than adults.

Children's quests

Children play with our animator who helps them with tasks and entertains them. Moreover, each kid gets candies, sweets, a photo and a diploma. And, needless to say, emotions, which will last for a week.

Escape rooms

  • site.complexity.
  • 2-4(5)

Many years have passed since Alien studies were conducted in deep space. Multiple tests and experiments took place in space labs to understand the essence of otherworldly creatures and use their unbelievable regenerative and combat capabilities for defense purposes. But something went wrong and contact with the lab was lost for many years. Earth had sent multiple rescue expeditions, but none of them came back and the operation was suspended. Many years later the decision was made to send another squad on a mission to retrieve Alien DNA samples and destroy the lab. Your mission will be difficult and dangerous…

  • site.complexity.
  • 2-4(5)

Unforgettable adventure, in which you will dive into unknown mysteries from the times of Leonardo da Vinci. Full plunge into the atmosphere developed up to tiny detail, hidden caches, sophisticated mechanisms and unusual quests. At this time you need not only get out of the room, but also to abduct the Holy Grail.

  • site.complexity.
  • 2-4(5)

Immerse yourself in the mysterious story of the professor who dedicated his whole life studying paranormal activities, ufo's, anomalous zones, extraterrestrial civilizations and subtle energies. The professor has disappeared under unknown circumstances, but has left behind extremely important scientific work that you have to find. The room is full of secrets, mysteries and all that seems quite usual may not be that obvious in the detailed study.

  • site.complexity.
  • 2-4(5)

This room will immerse you in a dream. What is a dream? It is a magic place, where anything can happen! The same is with this quest room. You will find a lot of unexpected things that will plunge you into a world of dreams. But remember you will have to escape before the alarm clock wakes you up!

  • site.complexity.
  • 2-4(5)

Now your team will be the task group who investigates the chain of bloody crimes and follows the maniac. You will be acquainted with the new technologies, additional interactive, the unknown approach and lots of new details in new suspenseful mysterious thriller – Fear Collector. Don’t let the maniac to escape and try to get out of the room.

  • easy
  • 2-10

Riga is over 800 years old - during this time the city has acquired so many legends and stories that not every historian could solve some of the puzzles of our city.
We invite you to a little adventure to discover the mysteries and legends of the Old Town. During this game, you will visit little known places and learn interesting stories of Riga.

How it works?

Your team gets locked in a specially equipped game room, where, solving numerous puzzles, riddles and finding the keys, you are trying to get out of it within the time limit.

For whom are the quests designed?

A team of two to five people can participate in the game. It's great entertainment for family, friends or your office team. We pay special attention to children's quests with animators.


You may play our games any day. All you need to do is gather a team of players, reserve the time you prefer and come to play on the appointed date.

Reasons why more than 53,000 people choose Mysteria quests

Variety of quests

Two locations, five escape rooms, city quests, virtual reality, quests for children and any combination of these options will satisfy even the most experienced guests.

Six years in the Latvian market

We were one of the first to open escape rooms in Riga and the quality, uniqueness and special atmosphere of the games we offer have always been the main criteria for us.

Children's animators

Our animators are always beside children, making their game joyful and memorable, they keep children busy so that they don’t get bored.

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